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mary sweeny writing systemWriting with Power   
A 10-Step System for Effective Writing 
If you've ever tried to write something ~ a sales letter, memo, speech, etc. ~ only to find yourself staring at a blank page, you'll appreciate this system. It consists of 10 simple steps to accomplishing any writing project without the frustration of writer's block.

Here are the ten steps:                                                    

 Step 1: Begin at the end.
 Step 2. Input.
 Step 3. Scratch the surface.
 Step 4. Unload.
 Step 5. Walk away.
 Step 6. Take a look.
 Step 7. Go at it again.
 Step 8. Walk far, far away.
 Step 9. Refine.
Step 10. Final spit-shine.

Click Here for details of each step. Happy writing

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