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Mary Sweeny Copywriting feesHere's a sampling of my fees.
The right ad copy can multiply your investment exponentially!
Below is a list of my standard fees for my most popular writing services. This should help you decide if a professional copywriter's services are within your budget. Please contact me for a free quote on your specific project.
If you do need to write your own copy, I encourage you to refer to my Writing With Power 10-step system. This step-by-step writing guide will help you to write much easier and with better results!
  Sales letter (1-2 pages)
  Blogs and articles (500-800 words)
  E-news - research, interviews, copy
$400 per issue
  Web pages
$200 per page
  E-mail blast copy
  Press release
$200 per page
The above fees are standard fees for standard projects. When you get in touch I'll confirm my pricing and provide a custom quote.

I'll Be Your Marketing Manager ~ At Your Price
Need consistency in your marketing, but can't afford a full-time employee who is experienced, can write, and knows how to make things happen quickly? Let's talk month-to-month contract!

You can buy chunks of my time on a monthly basis. Let's talk about your budget and I'll come up with a plan ~ no obligation.

Contact me now for Powerful Words that Sell!
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