Mary Sweeny, Copywriter - Words that sell!
On-Demand Marketing Pro

Not every business needs or can afford a full-time marketing person. Often, to meet the constraints of a budget, business leaders hire a fresh college grad to work full-time handling their marketing. This can be a costly mistake!

Experience, knowledge, and expertise can save you money while getting better results.
By knowing how to write advertising copy that works. By having the tools and knowledge to test, track and refine every marketing effort. And by having the resources to complete projects while not being taken advantage of, I can save you money while gaining better results than someone who's learning their way around.

Examples of how we can structure our agreement.
After a discussion about your goals and needs, I'll come back with ideas and strategies for your marketing, plus 3 options for structuring our agreement. All options are month-to-month with no long-term contract. How can I do that? Because I believe that if I'm doing my work as promised, that will be enough to keep our agreement going. Here are three examples...

Option A            
Contracted Position – Provide the following:    
  • Daily social media posts, follow-up, interaction in groups
  • Monthly e-mail writing, layout, and distribution
  • Monthly press release or news article
  • Analyze and/or write ads, etc. as-needed
  • Monthly report of activity, stats, etc.             

Monthly Cost                                                                                             $800  

Option B            
Contracted Position – Provide the following on a weekly basis:
   As-needed, as-directed sales & marketing assistance.*  

Total Weekly Cost                                                                                      $800                                    

* See samples of services that can be provided. The specifics and use of time will be entirely up to you, and can be adjusted as we go.   

Option C
Project Basis – Provide sales and marketing, copywriting assistance as-needed.   Hourly Rate                                                                                                   $75

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