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Marketing ResourcesMarketing Resources
Educate and Empower Yourself and Your Team
These resources come from only reliable sources. People I know and trust.
Marketing veterans like Bob Bly, Claude C. Hopkins, and others that have helped thousands of businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue directly from their marketing efforts.
Now YOU can profit from dozens of proven techniques and strategies - ideas that have sold millions of dollars worth of goods and services -- to thousands of direct marketing buyers worldwide!
For any professional service provider. Includes how to position yourself, pricing, marketing, and selling your services like a pro.
Scientific Advertising - FREE Resource! This classic primer was originally written in 1923 but, it's more relevant in today's hi-tech world - than ever before. Responsible for untold Millions of Dollars in Sales & Profits. A must-read!
It costs less than $100 to get started. And, we guarantee you can generate at least $10,000 – more than 100 times the cost of our program -- in new leads, customers, and sales … or your money back!
Manage contacts. Anytime. Anywhere.
See the side-by-side comparison with Act! and
A nationwide network of business owners offering access to five key tools that will help you to maximize your business and obtain more customers quickly, easily, and inexpensively.
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