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My Experience, Your Benefit.

I've been writing marketing, advertising and public relations copy for 25 years. Have the ways we've gone to market and interacted with customers changed? Absolutely. That's why I never take my finger off the pulse of all things marketing. Digital. Print. Broadcast and Public relations. Yet, there are time-tested principles that apply to all. Research. Know the product and its best customers. Apply time-tested formulas. Write clear, concise, conversational copy. Use words that sell. 

Experience and know-how that pays off for my clients. ​​

Mary Sweeny, Copywriter

Tom Pounds, Publisher, Village Life & Home and Stone Oak Living

"I have known Mary Sweeny for many years and in my 20 years in Toledo I have not met a more professional or better copywriter than Mary! 

Her attention to detail and her ability to listen and hear what the customer wants is pretty much her super power. 

I will use her again, you can count on it!"

Kimberly Kirkendall, CPA

President, International Resource Development, CFO of Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber

"I would recommend Mary without reservation. We had the opportunity to work together on various projects and she was diligent, focused, and creative in her efforts to move the team's agenda forward.

She brings a depth of knowledge to any situation because of her many years in business. Not only is Mary capable of the follow through, but she asks the questions that help move you forward."

Breanna Filas, Metro Media Group

“I have known Mary for over 20 years and can speak highly of her knowledge of marketing, advertising and copywriting. 

Mary is professional, friendly and has a wealth of experience. She consistently has new, creative ways to market and she is up to speed on the latest of internet marketing trends as well. 

If you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your marketing, Mary should be at the top of your list!”

Tom Emahiser, Laser Line, Inc.​​

“Our newsletter has accomplished exactly what we intended - got us back in front o​f our clients on a consistent basis. 

Response has been excellent, including som​e new business! And you made it very easy for us!”

Chrystal Bostian,

Guest Services at Monroe Clinic

"I enjoyed working with Mary Sweeny on the details of our marketing challenges. With creativity, determination, and her knowledge of people, she was always able to come up with solid solutions.

I've never heard her say, 'It can't be done!' Rather, it was always, 'How can we accomplish this task to the best advantage of everyone?'

Mary's commitment to research, including asking the right questions, means she doesn't jump in without knowing the product, market, and target audience.. That means her solutions are on-target!"

"Mary, from my perspective you nailed it. 

 The tone is spot on and is exactly what I was looking for."

B2B White Paper Client

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Marketing Communications  

Annual reports, speeches, brochures, all will be much more likely to accomplish set goals if they're written by a professional writer who understands the fact that every communications piece has a job to do.

No fluff. No boring ramblings. Just clear, concise, benefits-based words that get the job of communicating done.

Request a free, no-obligation quote. 

Industrial & B2B Copy

Industrial and B2B copy is one of my specialties. I've been recognized for my ability to explain detailed products, services and processes in ways that convey benefits and generate results. Business to Business advertisers, like all others, must use copy that is technically accurate while being written clearly, concisely, and conversationally.

SEO website copy that sells. Blog posts, e-mail campaigns and sales letters that bring immediate results.

Let's talk about your A, B and C-level customers and how to cost-effectively maximize your engagement with all three.

Request a free, no-obligation quote. 

Medical Copy

Hospital, private practice health care and other websites for medical professionals. Collateral, ads, and press releases that are SEO, clear, concise and conversational while moving readers to take action.

Mary writes compelling medical copy that expresses compassion and caring while conveying the knowledge, skill and resources it takes to diagnose, treat and heal patients. Copy that builds trust. 

Mary has written complete websites for hospitals located across the U.S. University medical centers, physician groups, diagnostic labs and private practices in many specialties.

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Sales Tools & Sales Letters

Your sales team - however large or small - needs sales tools to do their jobs effectively while feeling supported by management.

Sales letter templates, sell sheets, emailed newsletters, lead follow-up, and the kind of customer contact that helps retain customers while adding new ones.

A well-written sales letter can bring excellent results. This includes a powerful headline, subheads, and copy that moves the reader to take the action you want them to take.

Ask about Sales Tools that will consistently pay off.

Request a free, no-obligation quote. 

Advertising Copy

Print ads are viable and effectively bring in leads - as long as they're written and designed according to time-tested formulas. .

Mary writes print, digital and outdoor ads that get attention and bring results.

Before investing in ad placement, make sure your ad is as effective as possible. And be sure to include tracking mechanisms.

Let Mary tell you how she has improved response rates by as much as 276% for her clients.

Request a free, no-obligation quote. 

Blog & Social Media Posts

Blog posts must be written to interest and engage the right audience and enhance your SEO results.

Social media posts need to be relevant and engaging. Plenty of resources have been wasted by businesses spinning the Social Media Marketing wheel with no real results. 

Let's get your social media marketing on track and engaging your desired influencers.

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